our journey to a better tomorrow

our journey to a better tomorrow

our journey to a better tomorrow

our journey to a better tomorrow

At NÜ we are constantly looking for new initiatives that will help promote a sustainable future. We are aware of the fashion industry’s effects on the environment, and we enjoy being part of the sustainable development and focus in the industry. We believe that every little action can make a difference to the journey towards a sustainable future – a future we work towards every day.

our packaging

We have been focusing on how we use plastic in the last few years. Like many other industries, we understand the importance of using plastic in a responsible and environmentally friendly way. This includes how we handle our plastic in everyday life, but it's also about making environmentally conscious choices about our packaging. We want to do what we can to keep plastic out of nature. That’s why we are aiming to eliminate our use of new disposable plastic and to replace all our plastic with 100% recycled plastic. Today, all of our polybags are made of 100% recycled plastic, which also goes for all the plastic used to package our products.

As well as focusing on plastic, we generally strive to use recycled, recyclable or biodegradable materials wherever we can. This means that 80% of our packaging is currently made from recycled material and handled in an environmentally conscious way. We have a partnership with our suppliers where we utilise each other's expertise, and work together to find sustainable solutions for the handling of our products, packaging and materials. At NÜ, we always want to do what we can to welcome a greener future and to run a healthy business with happy customers, employees and partners.

order-based production

At NÜ, we produce to order. That means that all NÜ collections are produced on the basis of what our retailers order – including our concept stores and online store. It prevents excess stock and means we can focus on producing as little waste as possible.

made to last

We design clothing that lasts season after season. We don’t follow rapidly changing trends because we have our own unique design DNA. Our focus is on creating beautiful clothes in timeless designs that will last and that you can wear year after year.

NÜ pieces are designed to be mixed and matched across the collections, and with our '7 days in 7 ways' campaign, we want to inspire you to create seven different looks with just seven items of clothing. We invite you to take part in a more sustainable future with our mix and match styles.

code of conduct

At NÜ, we are aware of our ethical responsibility in terms of our own business, our people, and nature. As a company, we take responsibility for our actions and we expect and demand the same of our partners.  We recognise that culture and laws vary from country to country, which means that our suppliers work under different conditions. However, we insist on manufacturing being done in a responsible manner and on all employees working in good conditions and being treated with respect.

Our production is based on long-term relationships with our suppliers, which gives us in-depth knowledge about the conditions in their factories. Together with SME denmark, we have developed an ethical code – a code of conduct – setting out the minimum requirements we expect of our suppliers and the working conditions in their factories. This code of conduct covers areas such as rules on child labour, employees’ rights, working hours and workplace safety. We carry out regular audits to ensure that our contractual agreements are adhered to.

Our code of conduct is not a guarantee. But we can guarantee that we are aware of our responsibilities and that we are continuously working to improve our partners’ working conditions.

You can download our code of conduct here and here.