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Accessories cannot be ignored in regards to any girl or woman's wardrobe. Whether you are the trendy, classic or feminine type, sophisticated accessories are a must have. At NÜ we make accessories that suit all types. Bags for everyday use as well as special occasions, scarves in beautiful color combinations and belts with refined details. These are just a few of some of the many accessories you will find at NÜ. A tiny leather bracelet with unique details may just be the icing on the cake in order to complete your outfit. The accessories a woman or a girl choose to style her clothes with is in no way irrelevant, and probably never will be.



If you are looking for interesting accessories, you are sure to find it online at our brands official webshop. We make a virtue out of creating accessories of high quality. An accessory may just be the finishing touch to your outfit. If you are going to a festive event you can easily smarten up your shirts or dresses by adding some of our luxurious accessories. A belt of high quality and an extravagant necklace with a matching bracelet may just be the thing that determines whether your outfit fits perfectly for casual everyday usage, or stands out as festive and glamorous for the special occasions. The girls and women who buys accessories at NÜ can be absolutely sure that they get it in premium quality, as they are very carefully designed.