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Trousers for girls and women that fits perfectly

If you need a pair of trousers for a night out, for daily life at the office, or for a relaxing day at home you are guaranteed to find a pair of trousers at NÜ, that covers your need. We have a wide range, with involves nice trousers for everyday as well as for party. Trousers are an important part of a woman’s or girl’s wardrobe. It is essential that one’s pants are both comfortable to wear, made in a proper quality and designed carefully.  


Online selection of chinos and trousers with high as well as elastic waist

At our official online store you can find a wide selection of trousers in different shapes and designs. NÜ’s collection of trousers is characterised by a playful approach to combinations of different proportions and materials. At NÜ you can easily find a pair of trousers that fits your figure and needs, whether you prefer a loose and oversized look or slim silhouettes. If you are looking for a loose pair of trousers with elastic waist and different details, you can conveniently combine it with a tight and simple blouse for amazing results. Our trousers are decorated with sophisticated and elegant details, making our trousers unique. NÜ’s collection of trousers is characterised by a feminine look in exquisite combinations, and sometimes with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll. This characteristic is expressed in delicate details. Details such as pockets with sophisticated sewings, raw prints, and luxurious handcrafted elements. Here at NÜ, we think every woman and girl deserves to own a pair of trousers in proper quality. In our designs we make use of luxurious and delicate textiles. Silk, wool, leather, and coated cotton are only few of many different selections of materials our trousers are being produced in. The unique combinations of materials heavily characterizes NÜ’s design. For instance we produce trousers in strong cotton with leather details, and short trousers with a touch of silk.