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Skirts for the sophisticated woman

If you are looking for a skirt with a raw, but at the same time elegant look, you should take a closer look at NÜ’s official online website. Our skirts are unique and fits particularly well for the fashionable woman or girl who wants to express an individual yet trendy style. At NÜ we design skirts with an eye for the details. Our focus on the details manifests itself in our use of different colouring techniques, daring combination of materials, not to mention our beautiful colour combinations. Each skirt has its own details. The details can be everything from elegant drapings to raw additions of studs leather.  


Carefully designed skirts with a sensual and raw touch

Our skirts are designed with a sensual and raw touch, which together create a unique and passionate expression with a twist of rock ‘n’ roll. Each skirt has its own unique look, and there are plenty of possibilities for styling the skirts as you like. At NÜ we have skirts for all women and girls. If you prefer a laid-back style, you should get one of our skirts with a more loose design, which can be combined with tight as well as oversized blouses for a casual yet raw expression. If you do not like the oversize look, you can instead wear one of our tight skirts, so you can style it with a nice top or blouse in silk to create a feminine and sophisticated outfit.