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Dresses for women with sleeves, collars and pockets

Whether you are looking for a dress for everyday use or for a party, you can find one of your liking at NÜs online store. Dresses are a must have in any girl and woman’s wardrobe. Our dresses can make you look feminine and add an exquisite touch, while simultaneously being comfortable to wear. At NÜ you will find fashionable danish design dresses, carefully made with premium quality materials. You can easily use the same dress for lots of different occasions, considering NÜ’s dresses can be styled in many different ways depending on what you are doing. For a cool and casual daytime look you can add a pair of sneakers, plain shoes or boots which can give your dress a raw and feminine look. However, if you are looking for a glamorous outfit for a night out, you can easily jump into a pair of high heels, for instance someone with studs which can give a raw expression, combined with some elegant jewellery in gold or silver, to complete your outfit. In case you are a woman who cares for quality, you will be very enthusiastic about our choice of materials. Among these you will find an interesting range of exquisite and natural materials such as leather, wool and different types of coated cottons.


Danish design dresses with a keen eye for details

At NÜ we design dresses with focus on every detail. Our dress collection contains both interesting textures, sophisticated knitting techniques, and different compositions of exquisite materials based on the colour palette of the season. We are designing dresses for the sophisticated woman, who prefers dresses with unique details in the highest quality. Whether you prefer long, short, simple or detailed dresses you are able to find them at NÜ. We have dresses for every girl and woman who are interested in styling and fashion.