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Shirts for women, with a sophisticated touch

Shirts for parties, everyday use, working hours and vacations - at NÜ we offer a wide selection of shirts, whether you prefer the sophisticated or laid-back design. Depending on what you choose to combine it with, a shirt can be styled in a lot of different ways. If you want to style your shirt for a night out, you can easily combine it with accessories such as a beautiful necklace and bracelet mixed with a pair of high heels which you also can find on our official webshop. For vacationing, a shirt goes well together in combination with a pair of trendy sandals, light skirts, or simple necklaces. Furthermore, you can easily style your shirt for the more raw but still relaxed everyday look.


Women’s shirts of premium quality

Shirts from NÜ fit every girl and woman, and is an essential item in your wardrobe. We do not compromise design nor quality, so every girl or woman who cares for quality, can be absolutely sure to find a product of their liking when buying an shirts on NÜ’s official webshop. We have been making use of natural materials in highest quality and delicate garments for our shirts, creating a luxurious feeling which can be used throughout the following years. Our list of materials consists of wool, silk, coated cotton, and other great natural materials, providing your style with an extra touch.