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Knitwear for women, during both summer and wintertime

At NÜ’s official website we provide a wide selection of sweaters and cardigans for all seasons. Knitwear can be used for all seasons - not only during winter time. Therefore, we produce knitwear in various materials and thicknesses. We have knitwear for cold winter days as well as for chilly summer evenings. Whether you prefer warm and woollen sweaters or lightweight and thin cardigans, you can find them at NÜ’s official online store. In our knitwear collection we have both thin summer knitwears and thick winter sweaters so that all women and girls can find the specific type of knitwear they are missing in their wardrobe. A long and woollen sweater is a must have during the winter, while a short and sophisticated knitted cardigan is useful for a festive look during a night out in the weekends. A sweater is therefore considered to be an indispensable item in any woman’s closet.   


Sweaters that combines the raw and the feminine

Our sweaters are designed with a keen eye for detail. Among our collection of knitted blouses and cardigans, you are able to find a wide selection of different and highly profiled knitting techniques. From our knitwear you will also notice a selection of various interesting textures. Our designs combines the raw and the feminine, resulting in a sophisticated and stylish look. A look which brings together the sensual femininity and raw masculinity in a modern and sometimes even provocative fashion. At NÜ we make use of embroidery and other refined details, which provides our models with a unique and modern look. Sweaters from NÜ fits every woman or girl who wants to create a passionate look.