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A cardigan is an indispensable element in every girl and woman’s wardrobe. At NÜ we have a wide selection of quality cardigans, suitable for every season. During winter it is a necessity to supply one’s wardrobe with some warmer layers. At NÜ we produce warm and woollen cardigans which all women and girls are able to keep the warmth during winter time. In the summer season it is also of importance to have a nice and lightweight cardigan for the chilly summer evenings as well as mornings. At NÜ you are able to find a great amount of different cardigans in exquisite qualities which are suitable for all seasons.  


Cardigans for all girls and women

Cardigans from our brand are made in a wide selection of designs. Whether you prefer a feminine styling with embroidery and elegant textures or a raw styling with daring and beautiful details, you can easily find a cardigan suitable to your wishes at our online store.  Our cardigans are available in various designs, with careful focus on the details. Some fits a casual and cool everyday styling, while others are more appropriate for a festive and elegant look. NÜs cardigans are designed in proper and luxurious materials in high quality. Besides being smart in their design, our cardigans are also useful as that extra layer in which you can stay warm. In our summer collections it is therefore important to make use of breathable and  lightweight materials, while the winter collections needs to involve woollen and warm materials. If you buy a cardigan at NÜ, you can be absolutely sure that it can last through several seasons due to the fact that we only make use of fashionable and premium quality materials throughout our production process.