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Pullovers and hoodies for women

In the official web shop of NÜ Denmark, you can buy pullovers, knitted pullovers, turtlenecks and hoodie for women of all ages. All our pullovers and hoodies are made from an exquisite and comfortable quality. Materials such as viscose, modal, cotton and wool are qualities often used for our pullovers. At NÜ Denmark, we produce pullovers in various qualities and thicknesses, which ensures that our pullovers can be worn in all seasons. Knitted pullover and turtlenecks can also be worn during the summer half-year. The exquisite qualities and great cuts of our pullovers ensure and nice comfort and a great feeling on the skin throughout the entire day.

Pullovers with unique details

All our pullovers are designed with unique and rare details. Our pullovers have details such as stripes, laces, beads, embroideries and patterns, which ensures that our pullovers stand out. For parties, you can wear a turtleneck made from a thin and soft quality, decorated with beads or embroideries. On chilly days, you can wear a warm pullover, knitted pullover, turtleneck or hoodie in a warm and soft quality. Our pullovers are designed with attention to every detail, and all our pullovers and hoodie are unique. In NÜ Denmark’s official web shop, you will find a large selection of various pullovers, knitted pullover, turtleneck and hoodies. On our web shop, you will also find pullovers in beautiful knitting technics, exquisite textures, materials and qualities. Our pullover are designed with raw elements and feminine details. With pullovers from NÜ Denmark, you can always create the perfect look – no matter the occasion.