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Tops and t-shirts for all women

At NÜ’s official website we offer tops and t-shirts for every girl and woman who cares for quality as well as design. Whether you want a top with or without prints, or just would like a nice and simple t-shirt with elegant sewings, you should take a closer look at NÜ’s official online store. We offer a wide selection so that you are able to find just the top or t-shirt you are looking for. For festive occasions we have tops with handmade embroidery which adds a luxurious feeling to your outfit. For everyday use we have tops with or without lenghts on the sleeves, and in both cotton, wool and silk. Every woman’s wardrobe needs a selection of basic tops, which can be used for both jeans, skirts and shorts. That is why a basic top in a simple design is a must have for all women. At NÜ you will find a wide range of basic tops in the colour palette of the season, but we also them in the more basic colours such as blue, white, black, and grey.  


High quality is of utmost importance to us when producing tops and t-shirts

NÜ’s t-shirts are characterized by a mix of different materials, and a playful approach to  decorating them. Throughout our collection you will find details such as studs and other different types of raw decorations. Several of our tops are adorned with fine prints, some of which are handmade, while others are digital. Several of our tops are also colored with some high-profile dyeing techniques that gives them a unique and different look. Our tops and t-shirts can easily be styled for a casual but still raw and feminine everyday look. If you buy a top from NÜ’s online shop, you are guaranteed that it is produced in high quality and with exquisite textiles. We use delicate natural materials that are not only breathable and comfortable to wear, but also stylish and timeless. At our webshop we provide t-shirts and tops for every lady, all being safe and unique additions to their wardrobe.