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Online collection of elegant blouses for girls and women

At our official online store we provide a wide selection of blouses and sweaters that suits every woman or girl's wardrobe. Our brand distributes blouses online, which are raw, yet feminine in their expression. The design of the sweaters often consists of an exciting combination of delicate materials that make our blouses unique. Some of our blouses are decorated with raw details such as leather and studs, while others are ornamented with beautiful embroidery and interesting prints. Goodlooking tops are essential for any woman or girl's wardrobe since they both fit for everyday use as well as for special occasions. If you want to style sweaters elegantly, you can easily add a pair of high heels and sophisticated accessories, while a more casual look can be styled with a pair of plain sneakers or shoes and a pair of everyday jeans.


Blouses for women with print, in A-shape, and with laces

At NÜ you will find blouses designed for all stylish women. We provide blouses with or without prints, some in A-shape and some form-fitting, while others are with laces and some are more simple. Our jerseys are designed with the use of a broad range of different techniques. In our collections you will always find a wide selection of shirts with different draping, coloring and stitching. NÜ’s design relates to current trends and colors of the season, but they are still able to be used through several seasons since they can easily be styled to suit both fall, winter, spring and summer. For the same reason our blouses are made of luxurious materials that can last for several seasons through. Among these materials are exquisite natural materials such as leather, silk and wool definately worth mentioning. A blouse does not only have to be beautiful to look at, it is also important to take the comfort of the blouse into account. You can be absolutely sure that we neither compromise on design nor on functionality during the process of production. At NÜ we produce our clothes in great and stylish materials that stays classic and are easy to wear season after season. Take a closer look at our wide selection of blouses at our online shop. As a bonus we offer fast and safe delivery with GLS and Bring.